Feature films

We are currently working on 5 English feature films and can be dubbed in various languages. The first one is expected to be release by 2024 and couple of them in 2025 and 2026. We have committed couple of more films and working on the timelines.

We are looking for partners world-wide.

  • Theatrical release distribution partners world-wide
  • OTT partners
  • Broadcast Television Partners
  • Airline Entertainment Systems Partners
Filming crew in the UK

If you need partners for organising filming crew in the UK, we can organise the following teams

  • Feature film cameraman & full team
  • Fight scenes & stunts artists
  • English & Asian language actors
  • Song dancers
  • Make-up artists and full team
IT outsourcing

We need more clients who need the offshore services listed below from India at highly competitive rate with best quality outputs.

  • VFX services
  • AI & Data analytics services
  • Software testing services
  • Data entry services

We are looking for partners & new clients globally to promote our web-based products. We have 2 premium products

  • e-commerce store
  • Education portal
Onsite IT consulting services team at UK & Singapore

We are looking for clients who need the following IT consulting services

  • IT Strategy Consulting
  • IT Project & Programme Management
  • E-commerce & Mobile App Development Consulting
  • Digital Transformation Consulting
  • Vendor Management Consulting
  • Training and Change Management
  • Outsourcing Advisory
Education – Certification

We are looking for partners globally to promote various certifications starting from 2025 April. It requires 3 to 6 moths to finalise all the activities based on the partner’s interest.

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