Banking & Finance

Infosams has expertise in development and testing in the following areas which include:

Personal and Private Banking - core banking applications involving deposits, personal loans credit cards, ATM facilities etc.

Corporate Banking - Corporate credit involving letters of credit, bills discounting, overdrafts, large term loans for large banks are covered.

Securities - Stock exchanges which involves huge financial transactions of corporate, brokers, Individual traders and investors.

Asset Liability Management - A risk management technique designed to earn adequate returns while maintaining a comfortable surplus of assets beyond liabilities. Takes into consideration interest rates, earning power, and degree of willingness to take on debt.

Mutual Fund - Combines the investments of various investors having similar financial goals. The funds are invested in different types of assets, which provide returns in the form of dividends, interests and capital appreciation.

Card Systems – This involves development and testing of various software which validate the card based transactions.

Foreign Exchange - Forex trading, Derivatives markets.

Insurance - General Insurance, Life insurance and other annuity products

Portfolio Management - used in defining the different asset classes, Asset allocation techniques, Risk and diversification